The  purpose of  this site is to help those  who are genuinely seeking SPIRITUAL TRUTH.  This is not a denominational "religious" site -  nor is it about "theology" or "beliefs".   It is about  pure  and  simple  KNOWLEDGE of TRUTH -  the Way of all genuine Mystic Masters.
A Reference Book of Genuine Gnosis The author, R. A. Anderson
One of the reasons why many ancient authors of religious texts wrote pseudonymously   (i.e. falsely  using such renowned and time honoured names as the ancient Seers:  Enoch, Daniel, Abraham, Adam, etc.)  was simply because of the reluctance of their contemporaries to believe, or to accept that anyone could,  during
their time, truly have received a message or revelation from God.  Exactly the same applies today for who would really believe such a claim?   The idea is that God could certainly contact humans in ancient times but, it would seem, no longer!   Is God now dead, or mute?   Of course not    for He continually contacts those few who seek Him with a pure and open heart those who truly seek for Him more than any worldly power, wealth, or honour!

Having been initiated, and experiencing the Vision of God  (the 'Divine Light' / 'Shekhinah' / 'Beatific Vision') myself, I have written a book on
genuine Gnosis and Biblical exegesis, which I hope will be helpful to those who wish to understand and experience the Truth (God).  It provides much evidence that Jesus was not the "first" and "only" Messiah, but just one in a long succession of such "God-men" (e.g. Melchizedek, Krishna, Zarathustra, Moses, Isaiah, Buddha, John the Baptist, Mohammed, Nanak, etc. right up to our own day).  It also provides proof  that  "orthodox"  Christianity has grossly misunderstood  the  teachings of  Jesus,  due mainly  to some false beliefs and teachings of St. Paul  and other early "orthodox"  (e.g. gentile,  Hellenistic, Roman, and "worldly") church "fathers" and theologians.

The  content  of  this study is of  a  very controversial  nature,  but it is crucial for the  understanding  (and solution)  of the current situation of  religious ignorance  which is causing so much hatred  and  intolerance across the world.   It reveals the fundamental error inherent in
all  religions.   It also provides evidence that so-called Christianity does not represent the genuine teachings of Jesus    quite the opposite,  in fact    for hierarchical worldly religion actually represents everything that Jesus condemned.  Such religions, instead of revealing the personal  GNOSIS  and actual  EXPERIENCE  (VISION)  of God  right  HERE and NOW  (as Jesus did,  and  all  genuine 'living' Masters have always done),  can only offer,  by their very nature,  mere THEORY  and SPECULATION    a variety of erroneous theological beliefs, empty promises, futile exoteric rites and rituals,  and false hopes for the future    nothing more than blind faith in inadequate words learned by rote, and hollow repetitious prayers.  This applies to ALL religions.

Jesus,  as  all  'genuine'  Masters / Prophets,  was  Gnostic  by  definition,   i.e.  he possessed  "first-hand" EXPERIENTIAL KNOWLEDGE of God.  It is the
non-Gnostics  (i.e. "believers")  -  which comprise the worldly majority, and who formulate orthodoxy, and seek worldly power and wealth  -  these are the ones who reject and persecute the Truth.  Irenaeus and other early church 'fathers',  who detested anyone even claiming  to be  Gnostic,  were really no different from the  Pharisees and  Sadducees who rejected  Jesus.  These types are with us in abundance today - but now they must be known for what they are!

If you are interested in reading this book, it is now available from TGS Publishers, entitled:
"Church of God? or the Temples of Satan" (for purchase info, click the "title" link below). For further information, click the "book info" link below.
Church of God? or the Temples of Satan
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